Friday, June 19, 2009

Siblings mark Father's Day in wake of recent loss, and a rural newspaper takes note

Father’s Day will be bittersweet for siblings Kent and Kathy Seele this year after losing their father only weeks before the holiday and his 83rd birthday. But, the memories they shared are as alive and well as ever, Martin B. Hamilton reports for The Johnstown Breeze in Colorado. (Hamilton photo of Kent and Kathy Seele)

With bright eyes, they recall the nature of their father, who grew up on a farm in Kansas and never left the business. “He was a hard worker and enjoyed what he did. He always tried to give it his best shot. He said, if you can’t do your best, don’t even try,” Kent told Hamilton. Among the memories of tractor driving and childhood antics, the pair credit their father with teaching them the love of the land; the difficult nature of farming and the beauty that came after.

“He loved every day that he farmed and everything he did,” Kent said. “He enjoyed his family, and (would say) ‘I’ve had a great life. I’m happy. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.’” True to his nature, Seele’s obituary in the Breeze summed up his mantra: “You don’t need hobbies when you love what you do everyday.” (Read more)


Anonymous said...

Very nice story. These are the kinds of stories that we'll lose with the death of newspapers.

Al Cross said...

Very few newspapers will die anytime soon. If a rural newspaper has a good economic base and performs well, it is likely to survive.