Friday, November 04, 2011

Small farmers provide produce for Occupy movement to raise awareness of their issues

Some Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts farmers have joined in the Occupy Wall Street movement by donating fruits and vegetables to protestors in New York. Originally, farmers made individual deliveries and donations to protestors, but as the number of participating farmers has grown, so has their mission. Now, in addition to providing food to protestors, they are trying to raise awareness of issues affecting small farmers, Jennifer Hus of WNYC Radio reports.

"They all had this related thing: They're small organic farmers competing against big commercial and industrial farmers," Heather Squire, Occupy Wall Street's off-site kitchen coordinator (right) told Hus. "The kitchen became a place for farmers to come together. It represented that place to take their issues to." (Photo by Hus)

The farmers are donating their produce despite their own hardships, but through the creation of a website they are hoping to raise awareness of their efforts and generate financial and other support. (Read more) To view video, click here.

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