Monday, March 13, 2017

NPR's Congress Tracker shows where each lawmaker stands on the health-care bill

NPR has created a tracker for the position of each senator and representative on the new health-care bill. "Our reporting finds that lawmakers' responses fall into four categories," Brett Neely reports for NPR. "Most Republicans on the record support the bill, but a large group of the most conservative members are vehemently opposed to the legislation, arguing that it's not a sufficient repeal of Obamacare. A smaller group of Republicans, primarily in the Senate, are concerned that bill will result in many residents of their states losing coverage via Medicaid. While Democrats are almost universally opposed, a small group of Democrats in districts won by Trump last November have struck a more equivocal tone."

"The bill would no longer require that Americans buy health insurance, and it would eliminate the current subsidies that are used to bring down the cost of premiums," Neely writes. "NPR's full coverage explains how those subsidies would be replaced with a fixed refundable tax credit and there would be big changes to Medicaid."

Also, the NPR Congress Tracker allows users "to submit a short quote that best summarizes the Congress member's position, such as: 'The President's executive order on refugees will harm, not enhance, our national security and marks a significant departure from our nation's proud history of welcoming people in need of protection.'"

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