Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inquiring journalist wants to know: Are high prices leading to shutdown of rural gasoline stations?

With gas prices around $4 a gallon, are some rural stations closing down for one reason or another? That could be a story for you, and for Howard Berkes, rural correspondent for National Public Radio.

Howard, left, asked the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues if we had heard of rural stations "shutting down because their pumps can't handle gas prices as high as they are." We recalled that gas-station signage can be so expensive that the last time a dollar barrier was broken some closed. This may be happening again, or the rising prices may have stiffened competition and reduced demand to the point that some stations are closing. Or there may be other reasons. Or it may not be happening at all. In any event, it sounded like an interesting story to pursue, and we're happy to help Howard and you do that. You can post a comment here or e-mail him.

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