Thursday, September 25, 2008

Candidates answer Farm Bureau questionnaire

The race for rural votes is a crucial factor in this year's presidential race, but candidates' positions on a wide number of rural issues are often ignored or covered only sporadically by metropolitan media. This makes Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama's answers to a recent questionnaire from the American Farm Bureau Federation a resource for rural voters.

The survey covers farm and ranch concerns such as the Farm Bill, energy, trade, environmental regulations, and immigration. From the perspective of the AFBF, both candidates display strengths and weaknesses in their positions. “Where Obama seems to come out stronger on issues like the Farm Bill and renewable fuels, McCain might look better on taxes and government regulation of farms and livestock operations,” said Linda Johnson, the federation's director of policy implementation, writes in FB News. “So farmers and ranchers have to weigh it all and see where the candidates stand with them. For many it could be a tough choice this year.” (Read more)

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