Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Technology can boost the rural economy, if government and business cooperate, studies say

Government and business working together to "onshore" information technology services can bolster rural economies, say two studies released today by an IT-focused public policy initiative.
The CGI Coalition for Mission Results says that the increased "offshoring" of high-skill jobs can be countered if governments and corporations partner to promote U.S.-based job creation, activity which could have a significant impact in local communities. "Information technology is our newest national resource," said Donna Morea, president of CGI Group, Inc., in the press release. "High quality jobs with proximity to clients create enhanced productivity and value for all of our stakeholders while supporting our rural communities across the country."

One of the studies highlights the opening of two major IT facilities in Russell County, Va. (pop. 30,000) through a public-private collaboration. Since the opening of CGI's Southwest Virginia Center of Excellence in December 2007, 230 IT jobs have been created. By 2010, CGI anticipates that number will grow to 750, and that the project will add more than $65 million to the local economy. (Read more; for the full studies, click here and here).

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Raymond said...

Despite the stats, I see thousands of 125K jobs posted on employment sites:


There are tons of jobs if you look.