Monday, November 23, 2009

Associated Press consolidates state editors

As part of the restructuring plan that saw The Associated Press dismiss or lay off 90 union members last week, raising concerns about delivery of state news to rural news outlets, several AP news editors across the country have new states under their jurisdiction. Today the news cooperative announced that it had assigned six news editors to oversee multi-state jurisdictions.

The news editor in Tennessee will now also oversee Kentucky AP, which lost one of its two state-capital reporters (the most experienced one) in the payroll reduction. The news editor in West Virginia will now also oversee operations in Virginia, which lost its Roanoke reporter. In both cases, the smaller states had lost their bureau chiefs a few years ago and have since been overseen by a chief in the larger state. Similar moves were made across the nation.

In the latest realignment, the news editor in Arkansas will add Oklahoma to her oversight. Some changes involve more than two states. The news editor in Nebraska has been named the Great Plains news editor, adding North and South Dakota to his responsibility. The New England news editor will add oversight of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine to her current responsibilities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Finally, the news editor for Maryland and Delaware will also oversee the Mid-Atlantic bureau in Washington, D.C. (Read more)

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