Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund seeking photos of all fallen soldiers for new exhibit

As part of a new education center being built at "The Wall" in Washington, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is seeking photographs of military members who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. Jan C. Scruggs, founder and president of VVMF, says in news releases designed for specific states, "We want to make sure that the 1,058 individuals from the state are honored and remembered in the Education Center."

State kickoffs are featuring "The Wall That Heals," a half-scale replica of the memorial. (VVMF photo) The exhibit includes a scanner so visitors can bring photos of their loved ones listed on the memorial for scanning. The exhibit is on a national tour with its schedule available here. (Read more)


Unknown said...

How would one send you a photo of a fallen soldier? My cousin is on the wall and I have a photo of him taken not long before he passed.

Dennis M Binns, USN (ret.)

Al Cross said...

On the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation website there is a page,, that I think will give you, or lead you to, the details you need.