Friday, October 25, 2013

Journalist doing podcasts with people who share positive views of rural America; seeks guests

Journalist Becky McCray of Small Biz Survival has started what she hopes will be a regular podcast segment entitled "Positive View of Rural." Her first effort is with Luther Snow, who "shares his work with North Slope Alaska villages, and how what he found could apply to most any rural area," she writes. Three more podcasts have  been recorded, but McCray is looking for suggestions for future shows. She reports that her three recorded subjects are: "Mike Knutson, an experienced rural leader now working in rural housing; Scott Meyer, a young startup guy with such a soft spot for rural that his blog is called Digital Homesteading; Caleb Pollard, a rural leader turned brewer with a strong sense of creating a legacy." To hear the podcast with Snow, read more, or contact McCray, click here.

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