Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Missouri starts trying to expand rural broadband

Missouri is organizing an effort to get broadband, or high-speed Internet service, into rural areas, and like some other states is using Kentucky as an example.

"The task force is examining a model created by the state of Kentucky," which uses a public-private partnership called ConnectKentucky, reports Rajah Maples of KQHA-TV in Hannibal (and Quincy, Ill.), citing state Sen. Wes Shoemyer. "He says that state has increased its high-speed Internet coverage by at least 40 percent in a just a matter of years." Shoemeyer is a member of the Rural High-Speed Internet Task Force created by Gov. Matt Blunt. "For rural Missouri that this is something that's critical," he told Maples.

"Shoemyer says the committee's first step is mapping out areas that don't have broadband Internet access. Then, the committee will submit those maps to the governor's office and lawmakers later next month." (Read more)


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An even better expose' of the real ConnectKentucky can be found at http://www.publicknowledge.org/node/1334