Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rural restaurants anchor communities' social scene

Local cafes and diners still thrive in many small towns, and their success is based on far more than the burgers or coffee they serve. These rural eateries offer social gathering places that can unite communities, writes Sarah Moore of the The Beaumont (Tex.) Enterprise.

Her look at three country restaurants, which also ran in The Houston Chronicle, highlights the social venue they provide in the rural parts of Jefferson County, Texas. At Fannett Country Cafe, Callie Bain (above, in an Enterprise photo by Dave Ryan) serves many of the same folks every day, so that when a regular doesn't show, someone usually goes looking to find out why. "It's the place to find out who's sick, who's well, who's building a house and who's getting a divorce," Moore writes. "The plus is, everyone knows your name. The downside? They know everything else about you — and they'll never let you forget it."

Her feature is worth reading, but it could give you a serious craving for some classic comfort food. (Read more)

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