Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meat industry video shows cattle slaughter process

The American Meat Institute and noted Colorado State University animal science professor Temple Grandin have released a video depicting and explaining cattle processing at a large, unnamed slaughterhouse, Rita Gabbett of Meatingplace reports.

The video's release coincides with the temporary closure of a California meat plant over human handling concerns, but the Meat Institute's Janet Riley said the video was in production long before. She says in a blog post that Grandin "talks about many aspects of handling and slaughter and she specifically explains that after animals are stunned to make them unconscious prior to slaughter, a step that is required by law, it is normal to see some uncoordinated movement, especially of the unrestrained rear leg. She notes that this does not mean that an animal is conscious, and much research will support this."

The video, narrated by Grandin, "takes the viewer from live cattle being unloaded from the truck through the stunning and slaughter process, and is perhaps a response to recent slaughterhouse videos recorded secretly by animal-rights groups. The video comes with a warning: "We do want to caution viewers that the scenes are graphic at some points. In an effort to provide true transparency, we are shining a light on the complete process." (Read more)

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