Sunday, November 06, 2016

In southern West Virginia, citizens paint a dystopian picture of a Hillary Clinton presidency

Tracy Jan of The Boston Globe went to Beckley, W.Va., and wrote this:
They fear her. They despise her.
They reel at the very thought of her. Here in the Republican stronghold of southern West Virginia, a distinctly dystopian picture emerges of what life would be like under, God forbid, a Hillary Clinton presidency. People here view the election as an all-out battle for the soul of America, and view Clinton’s election as the one sure way to lose it.
One after another, fearful citizens outside the Raleigh County Courthouse in downtown Beckley, where record numbers have turned out early to vote, spoke of the United States with Clinton in charge as a lawless land primed for economic collapse. Helpless in the face of rampant terrorism. And communism. Doomed to be overrun by Muslims and massive waves of illegal immigrants sucking America dry. A weakened nation that could be a target for the next world war.

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