Saturday, November 05, 2016

Vote for vote, no state may be more important in the presidential election than New Hampshire

Chelsea Clinton spoke at Dartmouth College in Hanover,
N.H., Friday. (Valley News photo by Geoff Hansen)
New Hampshire has only four electoral votes, but some scenarios have made it pivotal since polls and projections in the last week have made it less likely that Hillary Clinton will carry the state.

The battle for those votes "will be waged in a town-by-town struggle for voter turnout in the campaign’s waning days, pitting Hillary Clinton’s superior get-out-the-vote organization against Donald Trump’s unorganized but enthusiastic legions," Victoria McGrane reports for The Boston Globe.

Kevin Landirgan of the New Hampshire Union Leader reports "Clinton will return to Manchester for a get-out-the-vote rally on Sunday sandwiched in between two visits" from Trump, concluding with a Monday rally in Manchester. "President Obama will stump for Clinton Monday at the University of New Hampshire in Durham." Several surrogates for both candidates have been in the state lately and are expected again before Tuesday.

"In New Hampshire, a recent poll from Suffolk University and The Boston Globe showed Clinton and Trump neck-and-neck at 42 percent," Rob Wolfe reports for The Valley News in Lebanon. New Hampshire is the 11th most rural state.

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