Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NRA TV ad for rural areas implies that electing Hillary Clinton will cost you your guns and your life

A new $5 million National Rifle Association advertising campaign aimed at rural areas implies that electing Hillary Clinton could cost you your guns and your life, James Hohmann reports for The Washington Post. The commercial, which begins running today, features a woman asleep in bed when an intruder breaks in. She goes to get her gun from a safe, but the safe appears empty, then the safe disappears. "The spot ends with yellow police tape and cop cars parked in front of the house, leaving the ominous impression that something terrible has happened to the woman."

A female narrator, who says it takes police 11 minutes to respond to a 911 call, says: “Hillary Clinton could take away her right to self-defense. And with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can. Don’t let Hillary leave you protected by nothing but a phone.” 

Half of the $5 million in advertising will go toward broadcast networks in battleground states in rural Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia, Hohmann writes. "The other half will run on national cable, including Dish and Direct TV, which disproportionately serves rural communities."

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