Thursday, November 13, 2014

If you can't keep Asian carp out of waters, might as well eat them; 2nd processing plant to open in Ky.

Invasive Asian carp have been threatening the Great Lakes, including the region's $7 billion annual fishing industry. While officials have considered various ways to stop the flow of Asian carp in America's waters, in May Kentucky agreed to allow a Chinese company to open the first American Asian carp processing plant. Asian carp is a delicacy in Southeast Asia.

This week, it was announced that a second Asian carp processing plant will be built in Kentucky, with Riverine Fisheries International planning to open a plant in Fulton County that "will catch, clean, process, package and transport various species of Asian carp found in Kentucky's waters," The Associated Press reports. "The company plans to create 110 new jobs and invest $18.7 million into the project."

"Riverine Fisheries will focus on Asian carp that are invading Kentucky Lake, the Mississippi River, Cumberland River, Cumberland River and Tennessee River," AP reports. "In addition to targeting Asian carp, the company will also process other seafood products brought in from other areas of the U.S." (Read more)

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