Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The wild and weird world of agriculture awards

Many professions honor their best and brightest with annual awards. The Hollywood awards season seems to go on for months—The film "Boyhood" has been nominated for awards by more than 50 different organizations, according to Internet Movie Database—and it seems that with the distribution of so many awards, it has to get to a point when some of them might seem ridiculous to anyone outside of that profession. (Donkey Breed Society photo)

In honor of the weirdness of awards, Modern Farmer has scoured the earth in search of their favorite agricultural awards, "from the silly to the strange, the fun to the fantastic," Panicha Imsomboon writes for the publication.

Here are some of the awards Modern Farmer highlighted:
  • The Best Palm Tree Climber (Delhi, India) 
  • Tomato Inspiration Award (Berlin, Germany) 
  • Active Donkey Award (Kent, U.K.) 
  • The European Bee Award (Brussels, Belgium) 
  • Shellfish Recognition Awards (Prince Edward Island, Canada) 
  • The Best National Plantain Farmer (Volta Region, Ghana) 
  • Cascade Cup for Hops Growers (Oregon)

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