Thursday, May 14, 2015

Farm Foundation organizing meetings to help farmers, ranchers phase out use of antibotics

Across the nation producers and businesses are voluntarily reducing the use of medically important antibiotics in food animal production, and now Farm Foundation is leading a new initiative to help livestock producers and veterinarians phase out antibiotics. Taking these measures is crucial for public health, the price of food and the future of American agriculture.

Farm Foundation will organize 10 regional meetings with livestock producers and veterinarians during the next six months to help them understand the Guidance For Industry documents from the FDA and the difficulties they may face when implementing them. "The success of achieving this goal—for public health and the economic health of animal agriculture—hinges on producers having access to information they need to adjust production practices and the capacity of veterinarians to provide the additional oversight needed," Farm Foundation President Neil Conklin said.

Feedback gained during the regional meetings will be compiled into a report of both the economic and physical challenges of abiding by the GFIs. Reports will also be made about what information and education farmers and ranchers require. In late fall 2015, Farm Foundation will present the report at a summit, where farmers, ranchers, academics and government agency staff can talk about the issues and ways to solve them.

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