Monday, August 29, 2016

Guide offers tips, resources for helping unwanted horses, estimated at 192,000 in U.S.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition has created a resource, "Join the Effort: Programs to Help Unwanted Horses," that "offers 16 specific strategies for groups of any size to help unwanted horses," it says in a press release. The resource also includes a list of successful programs that help unwanted horses and fundraising tips and resources.

Of the 9.2 million horses in the U.S., 192,000 are considered unwanted, UHC reports. Many of the unwanted "are healthy horses that become more of a burden to their owners than a blessing because of financial limitations, time constraints, or have otherwise failed to meet their owner’s expectations. These horses can often be repurposed and rehomed. Others may be sick, injured, or old. Fewer still are unmanageable, unrideable, or dangerous."

UHC Director Jennifer Purcell said, “We invite organizations that have developed similar initiatives to contact us, so we can include their work in the publication. The more ideas and examples we can share, the more likely an organization can find a model that fits best within their structure and resources.”

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