Friday, February 27, 2009

Pilgrim's Pride to shut three more plants, leaving hundreds more contract growers in financial lurch

The chicken-processing company Pilgrim's Pride, which is in bankruptcy protection, announced today that it would close its plants in Douglas, Ga., El Dorado, Ark., and Farmerville, La. That will mean permanent layoffs for 3,000 workers and possible bankruptcy for contract growers who have gone into debt to build large chickenhouses to raise birds for the company.

Pilgrim's Pride, based in Pittsburg, Tex., said it would provide assistance to laid-off workers, but of the chicken farmers, its press release said only this: "Approximately 430 independent contract growers who supply birds to these three plants also will be affected." At least 300 were affected by earlier plant closings, we reported this month.

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Anonymous said...

It's like pouring salt into an open wound upon hearing that Pilgrim Pride would keep on their payroll former CEO & COO with $83,000 and $53,000 in monthly salaries. What in the world is the chief restructing officer thinking. Terminated workers and especially independent contract growers are without income and as Bo said it's business as usual. These high flying fat-cats just don't get it. My point is that while trying to cut costs Pilgrim Pride has no trouble closing plants, terminating workers, and forcing growers into bankruptcy but seems to have trouble eliminating those high-flying excecutives. Well it's time everybody sent a clear message to ole Bo - don't eat his chicken. You don't hear of Tyson, Sanderson, or Perdue shutting down plants, terminating workers or leaving contract growers without any way of paying for these chicken houses. Bo is just walking away from the very people who enabled him to acquire his wealth. Make no mistake about it, Bo's greed and vanity to be the largest poultry producer caused this problem leaving him with a shameful legacy. Time for him to reap what he has sown - BOYCOTT PILGRIM PRIDE products, it' the only way to insure that the guilty party of this catastrophe is held acountable. Boycott Pilgrim Pride products in the grocery store, restruants, fast food chains, and don't buy any feed from his feed mills. It's time the American people stood up and bring these people down from their lofty perch, then maybe they will understand the pain they have inflicted upon so many hard working people.