Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interactive charts show state-by-state analysis of where people were born, where they ended up

Where were people currently living in your state born? And where are people who were born in your state currently living? Those are questions answered through a series of charts by of The Upshot, a New York Times blog that did the analysis.

"The patterns of migration continue to change," The Upshot writes. "California has long been the destination of American dreamers from other states. It no longer plays that role; residents are leaving for greener pastures out East. Today, the state is still pulling in foreign immigrants, but the percentage of American-born transplants has shrunk significantly as fewer people move into the state. In 1960, half of California residents were born in another U.S. state. Today, that's down to 18 percent."

"There are growing pools of Californians in nearly every state," The Upshot writes. "It's quite a switch because through 1990 California led the nation in retaining its native-born population. There are now about 6.8 million California natives living elsewhere, up from 2.7 million in 1980."

On the flip side, 82 percent of people born in Texas remain in the state, while 43 percent of Kansas-born end up living somewhere else, "a rate that hasn’t changed much since 1940," The Upshot writes. To view the charts click here. To see the results broken down by state, click here(Up Shot graphic: Nevada, where about 75 percent of residents were born in other states )

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