Friday, July 15, 2016

Democratic Miss. AG drops appeal of blocked religious objections bill; GOP governor still fights it

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said he won't appeal a federal judge's ruling blocking the state's religious-objections law, Jimmie Gates reports for The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson. Hood said in a statement: "I am convinced that continuing this divisive and expensive litigation is not in the best interests of the state of Mississippi or its taxpayers."

Hood is a Democrat. Republican Gov. Phil Bryant plans to use his own attorney to appeal the judge's ruling, Gates writes. Bryant said in a statement: "I'm obviously disappointed the attorney general has abandoned his duty to defend the constitutionality of a duly enacted statute. I have engaged nationally recognized appellate attorneys, at no cost to the taxpayers of Mississippi, to appeal the district court’s ruling. This appeal is about the state’s legitimate interest in protecting religious liberty—not political posturing about tax reform or the state budget. Mississippi Democrats’ failed policies have rendered them unable to win elections, so they have joined secular progressives in their attempts to legislate through the courts." (Read more)

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