Monday, July 25, 2016

Study finds over 1/2 of e-cigs are mislabeled, with incorrect nicotine amounts; most not child-proof

E-cigarettes, which are growing in popularity among youth, especially in rural areas, are often mislabeled, says a study by researchers at North Dakota State University, published in the latest Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Researchers said that "of the 70 collected e-liquid samples that claimed to contain nicotine, 17 percent contained more than the labeled quantity and 34 percent contained less than the labeled quantity by 10 percent or more, with one sample containing 172 percent more than the labeled quantity."

Researchers also found that of the 94 e-liquid containers sampled, only 35 percent were determined to be child-resistant. Minors were also found to be present in stores, but researchers did not witness any sales to minors. The Food and Drug Administration, which announced in May it was assuming regulatory authority over electronic cigarettes, prohibited sales to anyone under 18. (Read more)

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