Monday, July 25, 2016

One of world's largest food suppliers says it will make global switch to cage-free eggs by 2025

Paris-based Sodexo, one of the world’s largest food suppliers, announced today that it would switch to cage-free eggs and egg products in the U.S. by 2020 and worldwide by 2025, Karin Brulliard reports for The Washington Post.

"The announcement by a major international company is a sign that the rapid shift in the U.S. to cage-free eggs, led by consumers but long championed by animal-rights activists, is going more global," Brulliard writes. The decision "will affect both liquid eggs and the 250 million shell eggs the company purchases annually for use at 32,000 schools, hospitals, corporations and other sites it services in 80 countries. . . . Battery cages—small wire enclosures whose floors are smaller than a piece of letter-sized paper—are banned in the European Union, and Sodexo said in a statement that it already uses only cage-free eggs in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium." (Read more)

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