Thursday, May 07, 2015

Bill introduced in Maine would make possession of meth-making ingredients a felony

Maine Sen. Kimberley Rosen (R-Bucksport) introduced legislation, backed by the attorney general's office, to help curb the state's meth problem by making the operation of a meth lab or possession of meth-making materials, a felony, Christopher Cousins reports for Bangor Daily News.

Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese told Cousins,“There are significant investigative and environmental costs associated with the response to and cleanup of a methamphetamine lab, yet people are operating these labs in cars, hotels, apartment buildings and their own dwellings, often putting their children at risk. This is a growing problem, and the Maine Legislature must act."

Critics say the proposed bill is too stern, Cousins writes. Walter McKee, an Augusta-based criminal defense attorney and member of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers "said the bill would make possession of what is essentially a single dose of fentanyl a felony. He told Cousins, “The simple possession of a drug in and of itself should not be a felony. These people have a bad addiction. They have possession of a dangerous drug, but that should not make them convicted felons.” Critics says the key is prevention and treatment. (Read more)

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