Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Montana Interstate highway speed limit increasing from 75 to 80 mph

Beginning on Oct. 1, Montana drivers will be permitted to drive 80 miles per hour on Interstate highways in the state because Gov. Steve Bullock signed a bill increasing the limit from 75 mph, Mike Dennison reports for The Billions Gazette. Most of its adjoining states, including Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota have increased their Interstate highway limits to 80 mph as well.

Although Dennison writes that drivers will have to pay higher fines for exceeding the speed limit, the head of the Montana Highway Patrol, Col. Tom Butler, said he doesn't think the higher speed limit will change how the patrol enforces it. "[Traffic stops] all have their own unique set of circumstances," he said. When asked whether the new speed limit will allow a person to get away with driving 85 mph without being pulled over, Butler said, "The sign says 80 miles per hour."

The speed limit will still be 65 mph in urban areas with more than 50,000 citizens and 70 mph on two-lane highways. Some stretches of interstate highway that go through mountain passes or narrow canyons will still have a 75 mph speed limit. Fines will increase from $20 to $40 for driving 10 mph over the speed limit on the interstate, from $40 to $70 for driving 11-20 mph over the limit, from $70 to $120 for driving 21-30 mph over the limit, and from $100 to $200 for driving more than 31 mph over the limit. (Read more)

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