Friday, July 17, 2015

Duke Energy solar plant will serve Camp Lejeune; part of Navy's move to alternative fuels

One of four Duke Energy solar projects in North Carolina will serve "the East Coast’s largest Marine Corps base as the military diversifies from petroleum power," The Associated Press reports.

"The country’s largest electric company is starting construction Friday at Camp Lejeune on a 13-megawatt solar array on 100 acres," AP reports. " The project’s goal is helping the Navy and Marines meet their energy and security goals while furthering Duke Energy’s renewable energy holdings. . . . The solar facility is expected to be online in 2015, Duke Energy said in a statement in April, when it received the green light from the North Carolina Utilities Commission for the project."

State law requires Duke to generate one-eighth of its electricity from renewable sources by 2021, and "The Navy has decided its reliance on oil is a national security problem and plans to produce at least half its on-shore energy needs from alternative sources by 2020," AP and The Charlotte Observer report.

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