Friday, July 17, 2015

Senate bill would keep horse-slaughter ban House has dropped, but agrees with House on extending waiver of rule for whole grains in school meals

"A ban on horse slaughter would be extended another year and genetically engineered salmon would have to be labeled" as such under a Senate appropriations bill that includes the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration, Philip Brasher of Agri-Pulse reports.

"The Senate Appropriations Committee also adopted amendments to the legislation Thursday that would extend a waiver from the whole-grains requirements for school meals and force USDA to delay the end of an import ban on beef from Brazil and Argentina," Brasher writes. "Both the whole-grains waiver and the beef-import measure are also contained in the House version of the fiscal 2016 spending measure. The extension of the ban on horse slaughter and biotech salmon labeling requirement are not in the House bill. The Senate committee approved both provisions without a roll-call vote."

Last year the House included a ban on horse slaughter and Congress passed it. This month a motion in the Appropriations Committee to extend the ban failed on a 24-24 vote.

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