Monday, July 06, 2015

Liberals prefer urban, conservatives rural, says Pew study on differences between two groups

Liberals and conservatives don't agree on much. In addition to politics, the two groups also disagree in many other areas, such as rural vs. urban, diversity, religion, family, education, recreation, arts and culture, guns and cable news, reports the Pew Research Center, with a nod to Bill Bishop of the Daily Yonder, who tipped us off to this report. 

While both groups said living near family is important, liberals were more likely to say they prefer living in an urban area, while conservatives picked rural areas. Of consistently conservative respondents, 76 percent said they prefer a rural area or small town, compared to only 31 percent of consistently liberal responders who said they prefer a rural area or small town. Also, 50 percent of conservatives and 35 percent of liberals said it's important to live in an area where people share their political views. (Pew Research Center graphic)

"Despite their differing community preferences, liberals and conservatives generally share a desire to be close to family, good schools and the outdoors," reports Pew. "However, when it comes to the ethnic, religious or political makeup of a community, there are clear ideological divides."

Overall, 76 percent of consistently liberal respondents said living in a place with people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds is important, while only 20 percent of consistently conservative respondents felt that way. Also, 57 percent of consistently conservative people said living near those who share the same religious beliefs is important, while only 17 percent of consistently liberal placed the same importance on the issue. When it comes to politics, 30 percent of conservatives said they would be unhappy to welcome a Democrat into the family, while 23 percent of liberals said the same about a Republican. (Read more)

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