Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Study apps are becoming popular among students heading back to school

Back to school is just around the corner. So, for a generation that has grown up with technology, what better way to prepare students for another school year than the latest study apps, Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today. USA Today asked University of Southern California about the best education apps, finding the following results:
  • Quizlet (Free, Apple and Android): Lets students create flashcards, tests and study games to help keep facts at the front of the brain. 
  • Evernote (Free, Apple, Android, Windows.): The app for note-taking is popular because notes can start on laptops and pick up where they left right off on mobile devices. 
  • Khan Academy (free, IOS, Android.): Is a series of instructional videos to learn math, biology, chemistry, economics and other subjects. 
  • Easy Bib (Free, Apple, Android.): A tool to format papers with more than 7,000 citation styles. Type in the name of the book, and EasyBib can make the citation. Or take a picture of the book’s barcode to get the citation. 
  • Fast Scanner Pro ($2.99 Apple, Android.): The scan app allows users to put the camera over the document, press record as if taking a picture, then e-mail it to their personal accounts. 
  •  StudyCal (Apple, $1.99): Freeschool planner and organizer.

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