Thursday, July 02, 2015

Food supplies for 4th of July cookouts are down 3% from last year, says American Farm Bureau

The average cost of supplies for a 4th of July cookout is 3 percent cheaper this year, now an average of about $5.58 per person when accounting for a party of 10 featuring barbecue favorites, reports the American Farm Bureau. to comply the data, 88 AFB members compared average prices in 30 states.

Ground round is up 2.1 percent, and ketchup and lemonade have also increased in price, but most other barbecue favorites are down, AFB reports. Pork spare ribs are down 3.4 percent, hot dogs 1.8 percent, potato salad 2.5 percent, baked beans 6.6 percent, corn chips 3.3 percent, chocolate milk 6 percent, watermelon 7.1 percent, hot dogs buns 3.7 percent, hamburger buns 10.7 percent, mustard 8.8 percent and American cheese 8.3 percent. (Read more)

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