Thursday, July 02, 2015

Number of farmers market vendors accepting SNAP benefits has increased 700% since 2008, USDA says

The number of farmers, roadside farm stands and farmers markets that are authorized to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits increased from 753 to more than 6,400 from 2008 to 2015 and during that span "SNAP redemptions at those outlets in FY14 totaled $18.8 million, a nearly six-fold increase since 2008," reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Under Secretary Kevin Concannon said in a statement: "All Americans, including those participating in our nutrition assistance programs, need to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. America's farmers have an important role to play in addressing that need in communities across the country. Accepting SNAP benefits also increases the customer base for local producers, adding an extra economic boost to the community."

Concannon will talk about the SNAP redemption's success today in Pennsylvania, where 181 markets participate in the program, Madeline Conway reports for The Philadelphia Inquirer. "SNAP redemptions in the state totaled $414,624 in fiscal year 2014, up from $9,358 in 2008."

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